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Age Range: 36 - 53

SAG-AFTRA Eligible

Hair: Brown (shaved)     Eyes: Blue     Height: 6ft     Weight: 195lbs


Films (partial list)


Rosa Leigh (2018) Supporting, Creepy Attic Productions

Guest iin London (2016) Supporting, Kiaan Entertainment

The Generator (2016), Lead, Drart Films

Some Adult Content (2015), Supporting, Stripey Horse Productions

The Seasoning House (2012), Supporting, Sterling Pictures


Star Wars Legend of Tython (2018) Aphis, TS Creations

We are All Artists (2016) Norman, Woolf Brothers

Prey For Me (2016) The Preacher, Ebbs Productions

Static (2015) Jake, Jallas Productions

Jet 900 (2015) Ted Tucker, Enigma Productions

London Hood (2014) Blane, Fight Me Productions

Beneath the Surface (2014) The Baron, Yard Nine Productions



The a Word (2015 - 2017)

Season 1-2, Pavel Kaminski (series regular), BBC One UK (Prime)


Commercials (partial list)

Crime Victims Bill of Rights (2017-2018) Perp, Marsy's Law OH & FL

Equally Ours 'Unnoticed' (2015) Husband, Nice & Serious Ltd.

HP Application Defender (2014) Thug, GB Films (2013) Criminal, RSA Films

Mars Planets ident (2009) Traffic Warden, Another Film Company


Voiceover (partial list)

Daniel Kravitz, Chosen One (2018) Rotgut, It's All Been Done Radio

The Alkoryn Chronicles (2017) Narrator, Cosmic Egg Books

Uunique Wireless Earbuds (2016) Narrator, Uunique London

The Minister's Secret (2014) The Detective, Motivation Sound Studios

The Long Walk (2006) Slavomir Rawicz, BBC Radio 4


Corporate (partial list)

Infosec Cyber Security (2022-2023) Greg Pop, Kingdom Filmworks

DLA Piper Law (2019) Thomas Crittenden, Videobred

Pediatric Reconstructions (2015) Chris Cook, Red Goat Productions

Incident Reporting (2006) Simon Stokes, Videotel

Engine Room Resource Mgmt (2004) Josef, Videotel


Theater (partial list)

The Memory of Rain (2016) Lead, St. Christopher's Hospice UK

Macbeth (2016) Macbeth, Oxford Shakespeare Company

Lost Angel (2015) Lead, Kulturbau Arts, Vienna, Austria

Titus Andronicus (2015) Titus, The Oxford Shakespeare Festival

Chemist from Canada (2015) Supporting, Theatre Collection

The Great Gatsby (2015) George Wilson, Theatre Collection

Pragma (2014) Andrei Chikatilo, Mirror Theatre

Stand and Deliver (2013) Frank Goldenboy, No Fear of Thalia

Othello (2014) Brabantio/Montano, Erratic Dramatics

Wayne (2014) Bruce Wayne/Joker, SOMOON Studio

Romeo & Juliet (2014) Montague/Friar John, Moors Theatre

The Taming of the Shrew (2013) Baptista, White Desert Productions


Pilots (partial list)

Bootleggers (2019) Tommy Beckwith, Gypsy Productions

Number 803 (2018) Dr. Bob Brandon, GC Film Productions


Music Video (partial list)

Paul Weller Stone Foundation (2017) Pursuant, Echo Location

Echoic 'Messed up Smiles' (2016) Gangster, Poseidon Studios

Anima! 'Breathe' (2015) Rage, Try Hard Productions

Solomon Grey 'Twilight' (2015) Raggy D, Nuuksio Films

Banners 'Shine a Light' (2015) Boss, Zebrafish Media