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December 2, 2021



They are part of the wonderful experience here on our beautiful planet, this gorgeous sphere of manifestation.

Emotions as we know range from deep, dark hate, envy and F.E.A.R. to pure Joy, excitement and unconditional Love, and all the shades in between.

It is important to fully experience all your emotions; as a wise man once said “to become Master of Emotions one must master All emotions.”

Never shy away or ignore your emotions, they are a beautiful gift, a communication method from the infinite Self, the Sacred Soul, in other words You. As we all know, the experience we call Life is the culmination of all trials and tribulations from birth to passing. The breath of Life.

Cherish these wonderful energies, explore them to the fullest potential. Even the more darker emotions need to be absorbed and accepted. Grief for example is a crushing heartfelt emotion. If this experience comes visiting, open your arms and listen to this wonderful teacher, accept all these personal and unique teachers for you.

Crafted to your own perfections and imperfections.




November 17, 2021


"Wisdom is knowing how little we know" - Socrates

When we accept this simple truth then life opens up in a myriad of wonderful and mysterious ways. Your soul and being are open to infinite possibilities. This is a great energy to call your own, and even though this applies to your life, it can have magical effects on your ability to create and live a true authentic life on the stage of performance.

With whatever technique you use, one should always make it their own. As an example, say you use Stanislavski as part of your toolkit (or your whole toolkit), each performer has their version of what Stanislavski represents for them. How many souls on our beautiful planet use the Stanislavski technique? Say the number is one hundred million. Then what we essentially have is one hundred million unique Stanislavski performers. And this is true of all techniques. You shape your technique based on what you know.

There came a point in my performance ability quite a number of years back where I came to a plateau of sorts. I felt I was going round and round an inescapable circle. After getting advice from a trusted coach a light went off above. You need life experience to grow, and hence because you grow, so does your art.

Remember that everything in life, we view through our immortal lens. The views we hold, the prejudices, the strengths and weaknesses all contribute to how we view ourselves and others around us. Perhaps it is time to re-examine who we are. Find out what opinions you really have by delving deep into the pit of your soul, the seat of consciousness. All answers lay there. Look for solutions within !



November 3, 2021


We all have our personal favorite movie heroes and heroines. Those wonderful actors who inspire us through their unique insights into character development, their marvelous ability to shift internally, the crazy choices, the laughs, the sobs and awes.

Each of us, I should hope is guided by an inner code, a sensibility of right and wrong. The important choices of including important factors in our lives; humility, passion, strength, vulnerability. These facets are crucial in keeping ourselves kind, sane and impassioned.

As we look up to our peers, so others look up to us. This is an ever-evolving myriad kaleidoscope, ever changing, ever shifting. We are all inspired by decent people, those that strive to be good in all aspects of life. Those are the ones we look up to.

Once that relationship gets bent, trashed or destroyed, it is very difficult to build that up. For example, one might have a fondness and deep regard for a certain actor, only to find out at some point that they are total jerks, totally ego driven, no humility, no actual real goodness, only a faux mask.

Then they become nothing in the minds of good people, they become dust, blown away in the arid Sahara of your consciousness.

The important lesson in this whole subject is to always strive to keep yourself well balanced in all aspects of life. And under no circumstances sacrifice those positive aspects to become a insatiable jerk.



October 17, 2021


Being grateful for your life is perhaps one of the greatest fundamentals there is for moving forward.

Without gratitude, life becomes stale. It becomes a race to accumulate as much "stuff" as you can get. If you never stop to think about your successes, your failures, your dreams and where you are headed, then at some point in time, you will wander off from the road that is your destiny. Getting off track, is perhaps another chink in your journey of destiny. Whatever the case may be, you can always set that foot back on the path of enlightenment.

Life sometimes feels so divided. Wherever you look in the world, it seems that division is celebrated, even encouraged. This leads to more confusion, more sorrow and more loss. The real loss here I am speaking of is "loss of the self". In truth, you may never lose oneself. There is only the illusion of losing oneself.

So, wherever you are right now. Stop for a moment. Think back a bit. Understand the steps that got you to where you are. Think of all the wonderful individuals who helped you, also including yourself. Allow that wonderful feeling of gratitude to wash over you. Carry it with you. Do not throw it on the sidewalk like some meaningless bit of trash. Own it. Nurture it. For then it will nurture you. Allow gratitude to be your friend. Allow it to carry your soul forward.

With gratitude you become a more complete being, a more nurtured soul. You feed that inner desire and hunger for accomplishment. Without it, eventually the barbarism of your life will consume you.

Pay It Forward.



October 2, 2021


The through line of action.

What is it? How does it work? Where does it come from?

Simply put the through line is the focus of where your life is going and everything else in between. You could be working towards a PHD or learn how to grow your own food. Alternately the through line could simply be walking to the shops and back to get a loaf of bread.

The most remarkable, beautiful and powerful through line of action was instigated by the most magnificent wire walker Philippe Petit on the morning of 7th August 1974 in New York City. He walked between the twin towers, he gave them life.

Think about all the preparation, practice, failure and life commitment it took for Philippe to traverse the void in between the two towers. This is what a through line of action should be; powerful and from the depth of your soul.

Now translate that into the life you have created either on stage, screen or voice.

Thank you Philippe Petit for your awesome contribution to humanity.



September 17, 2021



Where does it come from? What is it? What form does it take? Is it unseen? is it seen?

Inspiration is when your life, spirit and journey coalesce into a beautiful energy which transcends every facet of your being. The journey of inspiration grabs you as quickly and smoothly as a bird flies over a warm updraft. Inspiration lifts you up. It connects you into that source of Life. The Soul. Your Soul.

We all have our unique power. First of all, never give it away for someone else's idea of what you should be doing. Stand strong in your being. Daydreaming helps with inspiration. Once you set your thoughts free on what is possible, you soon realize that you are the master and mistress of your Soul. Just as The Empress and The Emperor stand together to mutate into The Lovers who transcend into a marvelous butterfly.

The amazing truth is that inspiration can hit you anytime and anywhere. This is because it is like a flame. It is eternal. Think about a match when it strikes that sandpaper. It produces friction. This friction accesses the eternal domain of fire. It is all around us. As is the flow of water, air, earth and void. Use the elements in your life to open those castles within yourself.

Find yourself, find the truth.



September 2, 2021


Most actors who I speak with, love their craft. They love every aspect of it, from getting that opportunity, to preparing, to recording and sending that self-tape in that you are proud of.

I have noticed recently though that many actors are moaning to their various agencies that they need extensions in getting self-tapes in. That they don't seem to have the time to get their acts together so to speak, no pun intended of course.
Now, having a reason for not being able to prepare and record your tape is valid and does occur and in that respect is totally warranted. However I suspect that the vast majority just "can't be bothered" and perhaps they are too busy getting on with something fun; maybe a trip to a bar, amusement park or just plain sitting around with friends.

I was taught in an old skool way. When you get an audition in, you cancel everything else as best you can and put the time in to learn your stuff and get that recording done. And especially in this day where self-tapes rule, where actors have a distinct advantage. Gone are the days where you journey to the casting director offices to record your scene. You may get two takes to get it right. With self-tapes you can record a hundred takes if you so desire and then pick the best one to send. An actors audition has become way more easier. Easier means less excuses.

So why is it that I bust my teeth in getting my tape in for the deadline. Then the next day, get a message from my agency that "we have extended the deadline" because a large number of actors called in and moaned that they cannot learn and record a few paragraphs. Are some agents becoming too soft and pandering to the lazy folk? Maybe. This I feel is such a huge disrespect to those that took the time out of their busy and hectic days to get that tape in on time.

So next time you get that opportunity, make it the number one priority and get it done. Don't disrespect the art and the trade!



August 17, 2021


Keeping yourself fit and healthy is a must for being successful in Life.

In general when people think "fit" and "healthy" they think gym, cross fit, cardio, eating right, not stuffing your face full of crap.

What if instead, you start stuffing your inner psyche with poison.

How many people have the crucial positive thought of being hygienic in their thinking. Maintaining a strong and healthy inner republic needs to happen otherwise all your efforts on the outside will eventually fail.

What good is it to have a shapely physique if your psyche is hell-bent on destruction. Your own destruction that is. When we have psychic malaise in ourselves, when our "shadow" is out of control then our path leads us down very dark roads. Your sovereignty is smashed. You no longer trust in your inner "knowing". You rely on others to tell you what is correct and incorrect. You start to follow the crowd rather than yourself.

I leave you with a beautiful quote from Chased-by-Bears (1843 - 1915) Santee-Yanktonai Sioux

"When a man does a piece of work which is admired by all we say that it is wonderful; but when we see the changes of day and night, the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky, and the changing seasons upon the earth, with their ripening fruits, anyone must realize that it is the work of someone more powerful than man."



July 27, 2021


Your character's reality is only as good as your own !

We spend crucial time mutating and creating our characters. Each of us has our own unique method that shapes the way our creation exists. Our masterpiece, fleshed right from the depths of our soul, mirrors what is inside. This energy, this chi can only use the tools available from the inside.

If you lean towards the narcissistic side and have no empathy then how can you play a character that loves deeply and empathizes with those around? You may use imitation on the surface but the energy will be lacking. That form will be empty.

This is why it is important to balance yourself with all emotions in your actual life. Find the compassion within. Find the anger. Find the joy. Find the sadness. Balance is key. Become friends with your emotions. After all they are there for a reason, and they come knocking for a reason. Find out what that reason is.

Then there is your life. Your full life which you have lived up to this point. Every single moment you have lived in is precious. Even those times where bad decisions were made, harm was done, dishonor achieved. There is a melting pot inside each of us which contains all the "pending" items. All those experiences which we chose not to look at.

These must be explored from all corners of your rich and full life, if necessary going back centuries. Find the wisdom, the strength to examine your choices and decisions. From there you will create a rich and full inner life for yourself. Without that strong foundation within, your creativity will flounder on the surface.

Give a gift to yourself and enrich your inner life. Your character will fucking love you for it !



July 14, 2021


A beautiful Legendary hero has passed into the mists of forever. I am speaking of the highly acclaimed director, Richard Donner.

His films inspire courage, bravery, friendship, adversity and magic!

Ranging from The Omen, a superb start to the three part-series, going on to Superman and Superman II, The Director's cut. I was smiling plenty when this fantastic cut was made available. Another favorite movie, Ladyhawke with Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick, a tale of fantasy and love.

The Lethal Weapon series and that fantastic comedy Scrooged came under this marvelous soul's vision.

My all time favorite though has to be The Goonies! Thank you for such a special and unique story. All the pieces fit together just like the puzzle that is One Eyed Willy. Bountiful and enthralling.

These are the voices we gravitate towards, for they are timeless, crafted by a masterful creative being.



July 1, 2021


Most of us suffer through some kind of trauma, somewhere in our lives, whether currently or in the past or both. Healing from trauma is crucial, vital and important, however, the trauma itself can play an important role in our character development, if channeled correctly.

As an example I would like to share an experience. I recently passed my Ichi Kyu (brown belt) in Budo. During the randori (free sparring) in the midst of getting attacked by the black belts (75% intensity) something wonderful occurred. A shift happened within me. The frightened and traumatized little boy who was bullied heavily at school regained his power. Even my good friend Jeremy Penn who served as my uke for my test, witnessed this shift. It was as if a switch had been clicked.

Even though I regained my power, my access to that trauma at a deeply psychic level can still be accessed, and most importantly, utilized in my character development work.

This is such a crucial element to be observed by us. It is the click and switch. The inner decision to use something negative and destructive in order to create another thing which is positive, engaging, real and powerful.



June 15, 2021


I first saw the great and talented Ned Beatty in one of my favorite movies "Superman". His quirkiness and awkwardness translated perfectly into a great comedic flow of inspiration.

The characters he built stand the ultimate test of time, one watches with awe his perfect physicality, the movement igniting from his bold center.

"Restless Natives" is another movie where Ned shines. His contribution to the filmscape is strong, bringing a smile and chuckles to his wonderful on screen presence.

Thank you Ned for your beautiful inspirations, may your journey into the ether be filled with joy and angels.



June 9, 2021


All of us want to do great work. There is a very specific need within us to excel at our craft. One ingredient that is crucial, is to connect into the deep reservoir of who we are, our soul, our being, there are many names. It is our true selves.

One must go through the "dark night of the soul". One must connect wholly to our individual true potential, of finding out who we are, based on who we were. These magical notes can be found deep within our psyche. Every day, immerse yourself in quiet contemplation and meditation.

Take the dusty and musty staircase down into the bowels of your castle. Find the doors which will give you those answers you so yearn for. One added gift is that only you, only the individuated being can go on this journey. No-one else can do the walk for you. It must be you. Allow the voice of your ancestors to stir the cauldron deep within yourself.

What you find, channel it into your art, your work, your destiny. Be proud of who you are in the deepest sense of what that means. Give it the meaning you deserve!



May 23, 2021


I am saddened to hear the passing of the brilliant, effervescent and universal Legend who is Charles Grodin.

I fell in love with this unique, beautiful man in the movie "Midnight Run" where his comedic chops rang like a magnetic church bell on Easter. Everything about Charles is pure magic. He brought a style of comedy to the screen that no-one else had, a dry wit, a balanced perspective, an intense look that bubbled up giggles inside.

A plethora of successful movies which hold a smile in my heart; The Woman in Red, Beethoven, Dave. I am grateful for the laughs and giggles.

Thank you for a lifetimes of fun and laughter. May angels carry you into the beyond. They may also know the answer to a question "Why were you unpopular with the Chicago police department?"



May 11, 2021


How do you keep your motivation going year after year after year?

In order to succeed, one must wake each day and wipe the slate clean. This is what one of my hero's "Bruce Lee" said. One must wake to an empty cup, to then find the excitement and vigor on your life's path, to put one foot in front of the other.

As an actor, we need material, we need auditions, we need to be seen. One thing that I can attest to after doing this for many years, is that opportunities will always be there. You must put yourself out there energetically first. Take what is inside and use your beautiful imagination to wrap yourself around the Earth and Universe.

When an opportunity comes in, jump on it! Let the excitement of your work lead you into that mesmerizing obsessive tunnel vision. Live it, breathe it, excel in your unique way. Paint the picture using your tools.

The last part is the fun bit. You must then dissolve all the tendrils of any outcomes you may want to imagine. Let go of the outcomes and you'll be just fine. The right projects will find you and you will find them. Synchronicity.



April 24, 2021


I have heard often that those personages whose art transcends their own passion, eventually will produce work wholly their own.

Seems simple doesn’t it? One begins with an idea which expands into a brief, becomes a script and the rest of this Director’s journey comes into fruition. Cast and Crew are hired, everyone knows their part of the jigsaw, shooting begins, everyone has fun, shooting ends. Then the film goes into post.

Excitement is the name of the game, although one needs to approach the project correctly, right from the beginning. The idea needs to inspire you in some way. If you are a hard headed picky perfectionist bloke like me, coming up with a brilliant story is crucial. Only then can the next phase be in symbiosis with the current accomplishment.

My good friend Chris Zapata from our Gi Yu Dojo community taught me this trait. In his words “you need to setup the technique correctly from the beginning, otherwise it will fall flat.” Words of wisdom for life.



April 4, 2021


Keeping yourself busy effectively during slow times is a critical skill to know and learn as an actor. As actors we love what we do. Our unique signature and how we transplant that into performance is how we breathe, create, imagine.

It is equally important to have other skills and hobbies. The more of the outside world you witness and experience, the more those experiences will enhance your "story".

A good friend of mine once told me that to expand beyond your perceived limitations, you must learn new things, read a book you would never have usually read, take a course in botany or pizza making. It's all experience and it's all good. Wise words and it is the secret to growth.



March 17, 2021


The first time I witnessed the magnificent strength, power, fortitude, charm and charisma which Yaphet Kotto exhibits was in the Bond film "Live and Let Die". His genius shines through with effervescent determination. A powerful villain in his role as Kananga.


His appearance in the many marvelous movies when I was growing up, added to my respect for his bold artistry; Alien, The Running Man, Midnight Run. A professional tweak within himself to give that right amount of character. An amazing plethora of roles.


Thank you from the bottom of my soul for your inspirations, you will continue to shine in my heart. Rest well and enjoy the journey of wisdom. May angels accompany you beyond the gates of death and rebirth.



February 25, 2021


Starting on any journey, whether spiritual, adventurous and career related, one thing is certain; you need a bit of faith.

I recall that time when I took my first steps in this awesome industry. Very exciting times and it's been a hell of a journey ever since!

The important point though is that I recall 'looking forward' through time to get a feel if this career was the right move, right for me and will it lead anywhere.


My soul, which is timeless, replied with a solid aye, although I knew it would take time.

That's the wonderful quality of time, it's a close friend, helps us grow, change and realize the most intimate and awe-inspiring version of ourselves.

Know Your Success !



February 8, 2021


My first experience witnessing the brilliant art of Christopher Plummer was in the film "Murder by Decree". I was astounded by the smoothness and power which Christopher Plummer bought to the role of Sherlock Holmes.


Being a fan of Star Trek, seeing the guile of General Chang in "Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country" made me smile big. What is excellent about this Star Trek adventure is that Shakespeare element which gives this adventure  a sparkly place in the starlit sky.


Another favorite movie is that romantic diddy "Somewhere in Time", where we are treated to Christopher Plummer's William Fawcett Robinson.

Thank you sir for a wonderful plethora of great storytelling. May your journey shine into eternity.



January 26, 2021


Heroes and Heroines, they are part of our world, our individual existence. Having positive role models in life is crucial, particularly when growing up from the sometimes confusing journey of childhood into adulthood.

Many of our heroes and heroines are found in literature, the arts and cinema. These initial connections are the foundation of our own heroism, carrying through with us to our present time.


I count myself fortunate to have had a plethora of positive role models when growing up, from these mediums. Characters such as Theseus from Greek mythology inspired my imagination.

Once I discovered films such as Star Wars, Superman and awesome 80s movies; The Goonies, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, the values and lessons embedded in these, were deeply ingrained. This entailed getting to know the Light side of life.


On the other side, the dark side of life, crafted beautifully within the horror genre, completed the puzzle. Memories of watching classics such as George Romero's Day of the Dead, Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, and the rest of the bloody gang; Pinhead, Jason and Michael. What good times.

Thinking back now, I am grateful and pleased my path included both the light and the dark, for this is the crux of the personal understanding of oneself.



January 10, 2021


I am sad and melancholy in hearing about the passing of the delightful, sweet and dear soul Marion Ramsey.

The first Police Academy film I saw was Police Academy 2. I fell in love with all the characters, Hooks especially. She has that perfect balance between calmness and strength.


Her beating all odds also made it possible for us to beat the odds in our life. That is the message that Marion Ramsey brings, one of strength and hope.

Thank you for all the fun, laughs and lessons dear Marion, journey and rest well.


“Don’t move dirtbag!”



January 6, 2021


As a young teenager, I first fell in love with the beautiful Tanya Roberts in the bond film 'A View to a Kill'. This was during those absolutely freeing and wonderful times during that 80s era.

I remember sitting in the ABC Cinema in Hammersmith, London and being totally enthralled by the character on the screen. Tanya represents the zesty feminine aspect of strength, sassiness and soul.

A bit later I discovered the awesome movie 'The Beastmaster', where once again Tanya shone brightly with light and spirit.


On reading about her passing has filled me with sadness, but also gratitude. Thank you for your devotion to life, sanctity and adventure. By coincidence I shared a Beastmaster poster a day or so ago.

Dear Tanya, journey well into the adventure of adventures, you will be missed. Your legacy of womanhood will continue into the ages.



January 1, 2021


Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s a good time to set goals for the next twelve months and make them happen. Movement is key, it always is. Your energy, your soul, your being needs to firstly be alive. Not in some vague way, but really to be alive and living, breathing, ready to take on whatever comes along with excitement and a sense of adventure in your heart.

Ask yourself this. Am I closer today to achieving my targets and goals than I was a year ago? Have I grown this past year?

The year 2020 has been a terrific opportunity for personal growth. Most of us were on lockdown for a good portion of the year. Did you spend the time wisely in amongst the binge watching. Did you work on yourself? How many books did you read?

Life throws us opportunities, many of which we do not recognize as such in the moment. Working on your psyche, your being, this is part of why we are here. We create ourselves from the clay of our birthrights. Each of us has a birthright to be here on our beautiful sphere of marvel.

Let this moment now empower you, bring you what you need so you may grow, your heart can grow and we can grow and evolve together.

I am excited for what this year will bring!





December 17, 2020


There are times in life when you meet your childhood hero and everything about that larger-than-life personality hits the mark with a bullseye!


Meeting Jeremy Bulloch, a.k.a. Boba Fett was a beautiful moment, the memory residing in my heart for all time.

This was at the London Comic-con in 2012. He elegantly demonstrated his Jabba’s Palace move at the sight of that blasted thermal detonator, swift, precise and dead on sight. As you would expect from the indomitable Boba Fett. Both his wife Maureen and himself are warm, open and chatty. Thank you for your marvelous spirit.


I met Jeremy at consecutive London comic-cons. Then another chance encounter at a screening of Return of the Jedi at The Prince Charles Theatre in London. He is the most down-to-earth dude. I couldn’t help being a bit star-struck as this is BOBA FETT!

My heart is sad on Jeremy’s passing, and salutes my friend, that intrepid, fearless bounty hunter that gave a boy his wish.


Rest and journey well, your Spirit shines in eternity.



November 29, 2020


After a lifetime of dedication to the Arts, a true Legend, a Star in his own right has passed into the mists of Forever. I am speaking about the one and only David Prowse, who plays the one and only Darth Vader.

My fascination with Star Wars started very early in life when still at school. I was memorizing the names of the Star Wars cast at the same time I was doing my times tables.


David Prowse portrayed Darth Vader with vigor, energy and a presence “I’ve not heard since ….” When you watch the original trilogy, you feel Darth wholly in spirit, in character. His presence washes over your soul.

I had the good fortune to meet David a few times while at comic-cons in the UK. A lovely gentle giant, we had great rapport !


Later I found out, and to this day am disgusted to how David Prowse was treated by the “Official Star Wars” Events. They marginalized him, ignored him. He was never invited to attend the main events. Why? Because they say he leaked information during Jedi about the whole Vader-Father concept. This is simply not true. Isn’t it time for Official Star Wars to acknowledge the greatness that is David Prowse.


I for one salute David and say Thank You for “the dark side of the force”

Rest well and rest assured that your legacy will thrive and continue.

#honorDavidProwse #honourDavidProwse



November 27, 2020


Perfect? What exactly does this word "perfect" mean?

I say that it is you that gives the word meaning. It is a cohesion within your soul when you describe a thing as "perfect". It is an energy, a pulse, a creation of beauty. It is when you are locked in to your true,  immortal self. You become unstoppable !

Bearing this in mind, there is such a thing as a "perfect delivery".

It comes in the form of a brilliant performance by that ace maverick we all love BILL MURRAY.

In the wonderful classic movie "Ghostbusters" directed by genius Ivan Reitman, Bill Murray plays Peter Venkman, an off the cuff scientist and parapsychologist. The magic happens In the scene when he visits Dana Barrett's apartment, Dana played fantastically by the elegant Sigourney Weaver.

While using one of his ghostbusting "toys" on the fridge, Dana asks him "Are you sure you're using that thing correctly?"

Bill's response is nothing short of brilliant ! Go watch the movie and see if you feel the same way. Both my wife Cindy and myself wholeheartedly nominate Bill Murray for one of the most awesome deliveries of all time !



October 21, 2020


“There is no better reward for an actor, when their conscious mind melts away, and what is left is the living, breathing character.”

This is the state of mind that we actors strive for. It is the last stage of total transformation. It is in that moment when we fully commit and that spark happens. Gone is the babble from the mind. The choices and decisions mechanism is turned over to our creation. They finally breathe …. And live within us !

Recently I was in a rehearsal for an upcoming project and the magic happened. Tommie melted away and the character remained. And even better, I knew it and felt it. This by no means is a random factor. It is the result of work, hard focused work.

One must also not get complacent. There is still much work to be done, there always is. But the work does change focus slightly. Once the foundations and mechanisms are built and are working correctly, the work takes on a much subtler edge. This is pure refinement, and where the fun really begins !



October 12, 2020


The Switch-Flip is a critical tool that every Actor should possess in their magic-bag. It is the ability to flip from one thought to another contradicting thought in a beat (or a few).

A brilliant example of this switch is in Oliver Stone's JFK. Jack Martin played by Jack Lemmon is being questioned by Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner). Jack is telling them all about Guy Bannister and the strange people and business he has seen. He's all up for it in the first moment, then brilliantly in a flash switches and flips. Jack Lemon executes this with the ease of a master painter adding a subtle color to their masterpiece.

It is important to back-up the reaction and change with substance. In Jack Lemon's case, his sudden inner realization that he could end up dead. This prompts the inner change which is then automatically executed with skill and precision.

It is exciting to be able to watch a brilliant movie and at the same time get an important bit of insight into a master craftsman's work. Keep discovering, keep on being inspired !



September 26, 2020

I learnt some very sad news today. Charles (Chuck) Jackson from Pataskala Martial Arts passed away in June of this year.

I had the good fortune to know Chuck through his film-making endeavors. After I moved to the States in 2017, Chuck was one of the first film-makers to hire me. I will always be grateful that he reached out to me. We worked on a fun project called 'Mental Note'. Chuck has a very kind soul, he is a big soft-hearted bear !

I take this opportunity to let him know that he is missed. Both Cindy and myself send our deep felt condolences to his family.

Chuck, may your eternal journey be rich and vibrant !



September 11, 2020


As I pay homage on this day to the souls that perished, today marks a new beginning. It is the time to let go of the old, that which no longer serves, making space for the new.

It is an exciting time to be alive. Savor every moment, love deeply, have a playful heart, be of good nature.

Be open to learning. Jack Nicholson once said "if you stop learning, then you're dead". The most powerful lessons we can learn are those regarding ourselves. We as passionate story-tellers need to know ourselves to the deepest core.

So whether you are learning from a great teacher, a friend, a lesson in life, always be thankful. Being in command of oneself is vital.

My wife Cindy gives beautiful advice "just go with the flow" she says.

I'm all for that, as I head downstairs to give her a hug and a kiss.