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October 21, 2020


“There is no better reward for an actor, when their conscious mind melts away, and what is left is the living, breathing character.”

This is the state of mind that we actors strive for. It is the last stage of total transformation. It is in that moment when we fully commit and that spark happens. Gone is the babble from the mind. The choices and decisions mechanism is turned over to our creation. They finally breathe …. And live within us !

Recently I was in a rehearsal for an upcoming project and the magic happened. Tommie melted away and the character remained. And even better, I knew it and felt it. This by no means is a random factor. It is the result of work, hard focused work.

One must also not get complacent. There is still much work to be done, there always is. But the work does change focus slightly. Once the foundations and mechanisms are built and are working correctly, the work takes on a much subtler edge. This is pure refinement, and where the fun really begins !


October 12, 2020


The Switch-Flip is a critical tool that every Actor should possess in their magic-bag. It is the ability to flip from one thought to another contradicting thought in a beat (or a few).

A brilliant example of this switch is in Oliver Stone's JFK. Jack Martin played by Jack Lemmon is being questioned by Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner). Jack is telling them all about Guy Bannister and the strange people and business he has seen. He's all up for it in the first moment, then brilliantly in a flash switches and flips. Jack Lemon executes this with the ease of a master painter adding a subtle color to their masterpiece.

It is important to back-up the reaction and change with substance. In Jack Lemon's case, his sudden inner realization that he could end up dead. This prompts the inner change which is then automatically executed with skill and precision.

It is exciting to be able to watch a brilliant movie and at the same time get an important bit of insight into a master craftsman's work. Keep discovering, keep on being inspired !


September 26, 2020

I learnt some very sad news today. Charles (Chuck) Jackson from Pataskala Martial Arts passed away in June of this year.

I had the good fortune to know Chuck through his film-making endeavors. After I moved to the States in 2017, Chuck was one of the first film-makers to hire me. I will always be grateful that he reached out to me. We worked on a fun project called 'Mental Note'. Chuck has a very kind soul, he is a big soft-hearted bear !

I take this opportunity to let him know that he is missed. Both Cindy and myself send our deep felt condolences to his family.

Chuck, may your eternal journey be rich and vibrant !


September 11, 2020


As I pay homage on this day to the souls that perished, today marks a new beginning. It is the time to let go of the old, that which no longer serves, making space for the new.

It is an exciting time to be alive. Savor every moment, love deeply, have a playful heart, be of good nature.

Be open to learning. Jack Nicholson once said "if you stop learning, then you're dead". The most powerful lessons we can learn are those regarding ourselves. We as passionate story-tellers need to know ourselves to the deepest core.

So whether you are learning from a great teacher, a friend, a lesson in life, always be thankful. Being in command of oneself is vital.

My wife Cindy gives beautiful advice "just go with the flow" she says.

I'm all for that, as I head downstairs to give her a hug and a kiss.